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Why the name White Cottage Red Door? As a young girl, I would often visit my grandparents in Willmette, Illinois and their summer home in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.  They had a few homes over the years but they were always white with a red door. I never thought much about it at the time but over the years, I took notice of other homes with red doors. I always thought it was pretty, it made the home stand out, not ever realizing there was a reason. I finally asked my grandmother why all of their homes had a red door and her response surprised me. She stated when she was a little girl, her family always had a painted red door to ward off any negative energy and to protect the home. She also told me it signified the home welcomed everyone inside with open arms. It was very fitting because my grandparents home was always full of people. They were exuberant, fun-loving people that loved throwing parties and invited everyone over for traditional holiday dinners. So much positive energy could be felt as soon as you walked through their door. To this day, I can still remember that feeling of togetherness.

In December 2016, my husband Chris & I along with his sister Lisa & husband Kevin purchased the empty building where the former Cherry Hut used to reside. We knew after a complete renovation, the store needed a fresh name that would not only be recognizable, but also have significance. The White Cottage Red Door seemed fitting as we knew the people who would eventually walk through those red doors would instantly be welcomed and become part of our extended family. We are a new store in a big sea of retailers, boutiques, markets, bakeries, & wine shops in Door County. Our intention is to have each customer feel like family, walking in welcomed with a cheerful hello and not feel like just another customer. We like knowing our customers’ names and establishing a truly sincere personal connection to them.

So the next time you visit Door County and are driving on Highway 42 between Egg Harbor & Fish Creek, remember to look for the white cottage with the red doors. We welcome you to walk through those red doors and become part of our tradition as well as adding White Cottage Red Door to your own Door County traditions.

~Jessica & Chris Hadraba

~Lisa & Kevin Howard

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